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Five Things to Implement in Your Infrastructure Operations Team in 2015

Another year is about to make its way in to the history books, and what a year it has been.  We’ve seen a major focus by almost every vendor on Hybrid Cloud, Automation and everyone’s favorite, the “Software Defined Data … Continue reading

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Putting the Ops back in DevOps

I’ve been taking some time as of late to contemplate the role of DevOps in the enterprise and more specifically within operations teams.  In the broadest of terms, the concept of DevOps is meant to break down the barriers  between … Continue reading

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Dell and Nutanix Hook Up

Last week, Dell and Nutanix announced a new OEM partnership that will see Dell introduce a new line of converged appliances running the Nutanix OS.  The XC series will be available in the forth quarter of this year, and will … Continue reading

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Moving Towards IaaS and Other Cloudy Things

Much has been said about the rise of the cloud and how companies can leverage IaaS (Infrastucture as a Service) to save capital and staff costs.  Pretty much every major vendor has put forth some sort of cloud strategy and … Continue reading

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The Death of the Datacenter?

I read an interesting article this morning that talked about the recent declines in data center consolidation projects and how the move to cloud services is shaping the look of professional service and consulting divisions.  Although I do agree with … Continue reading

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New Blog Time

Alright….It’s about time that I started to lay out my thoughts in the good ‘ole world of blog land. As far as direction for my ramblings, I would like to focus on the current storage landscape, including traditional storage, data … Continue reading

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